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Nexus Ball Glass 240ml Silver by Progress

Nexus Ball Glass 240ml Silver by Progress

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A bowl that beautifully reflects the mirror image of your food or drink. By connecting drinks and food, you can visually enjoy the beautiful taste. The form expands the possibilities of dining tables as glasses, small bowls, and dessert plates, and can be used in a variety of places. A shape that inspires how to use it.

Raw materials/Materials: Mouth tempered glass/titanium

Size/Weight: 94mm x H60mm 240ml 130g

Brand: Progress
``Beauty'' is essentially a sense of value that has no regard for eye color, skin color, culture, religion, or gender. The same goes for food, which is a happy time shared by everyone around the world. PROGRESS proposes an exciting and delicate new lifestyle that has never been seen before by removing various boundaries and dressing up food. PROGRESS DAY BY DAY
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