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Macrame Hanger Kit By Giiton

Macrame Hanger Kit By Giiton

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Macrame Plant Hanger Kit 

A kit for making plant hanger by using a technique called macrame knotting. You can also hang a variety of items in addition to plants. Try making DIY plant hanger that will add color to your room with this easy-to-make kit. It is super easy even for beginners.
Designed by GREEN PEOPLE

Set Includes:
Spindle (100% acrylic)
4.5m x 4 Pieces / 2m x 4 Pieces / 1m x 3 Pieces / Instruction Manual

Finished size:
Approximately 770mm

Recommended pot size:
#4 pot (120mm diameter)

Tools you need :
・Scissors ・Ruler
・Glue ・S Ring

GREEN PEOPLE is a gardening store that opened in Nara in 2012. “Gardening” is about having a lot of fun with plants. GREEN PEOPLE proposes the new way of "gardening" by offering selective plants and developing gardening tools at their retail store.

Brand: Giiton
Giiton is a brand that proposes a "Creative Lifestyle" based on the concept of ENJOY IMAGINATION & CREATION.''


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