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Sake glass drinking comparison set 65ml/240ml by Progress

Sake glass drinking comparison set 65ml/240ml by Progress

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A sake glass drinking comparison pair set where you can enjoy the functional beauty and formative beauty of the glass, and enjoy the taste and aroma.

Tanrei Chic 65ml

It passes through the center of the tongue and goes straight down the throat. The drink spreads all over the tongue at once, and in addition to the sweetness, you can feel the sourness, astringency, and pungent alcoholic taste in a well-balanced manner. A form that increases the total amount of flavor.

Rich Royal 240ml

You can experience a milder texture as it travels smoothly down your lips and from the center of your tongue. When it comes into contact with the air, it emits a deep fragrance that lets you feel the hidden fragrance deep within. A form that brings out the flavor and sweetness.

Raw materials/materials
[Tanrei] Chic: Glass/Titanium
[Mellow] Royal: Tempered glass titanium mouth
[Tanrei] Chic: 55 x H65mm 65ml 98g
[Mellow] Royal: 72mm x H86mm 240ml 150g
Manufacturing: Japan/Shizuoka

Brand: Progress

``Beauty'' is essentially a sense of value that has no regard for eye color, skin color, culture, religion, or gender. The same goes for food, which is a happy time shared by everyone around the world. PROGRESS proposes an exciting and delicate new lifestyle that has never been seen before by removing various boundaries and dressing up food. PROGRESS DAY BY DAY

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