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Manga Sugoroku: Van Gogh and Theo by Atelier Mimir

Manga Sugoroku: Van Gogh and Theo by Atelier Mimir

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A sugoroku game where you can relive two people's lives from their perspectives.

The real-life artist Van Gogh and his younger brother Theo. Players play the roles of Van Gogh and Theo and proceed through the story, with the ending changing depending on how the game unfolds.

The life of the painter, the art world of the time, and human patterns. The manga and goroku format, which are familiar to many people, allow you to have fun playing the game even if you have no knowledge of Western art.
A4 size and light enough to hold.
Stash it in your bag when you get together with family and friends.

Play information:
Play time: about 30 minutes
Number of players: 1 - 2 people
Target age: 12 years old and above

Package size: A4
Contents: 1 Manga Sugoroku booklet / 1 bond map / 2 Van Gogh Theo wooden pieces / 1 wooden dice / 2 wooden cubes

Production information:
Game design/art: Asami Yamanaka
Proofreading: Rokuji Hina Sabaki

Brand: Atelier Mimir

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