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Himalayan salt and palo santo bath salts by Path to Purity

Himalayan salt and palo santo bath salts by Path to Purity

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This bath salt is a combination of the highest quality Himalayan rock salt excavated from the vast rock salt beds located in the Himalayas and palo santo, a fragrant wood native to South America known as the sacred tree.

country of origin:
Rock salt/Pakistan, Palo Santo/Peru

Internal capacity:
Rock salt (white, pink, red) 400g
Palo Santo 15g

Rock salt importers conduct ingredient testing, heavy metal testing, and bacterial testing in Japan, ensuring that they handle safer rock salt. We use Palo Santo, which is harvested only from naturally fallen trees approved by the Peruvian government.

Recommended amount for bathing:

1 piece of rock salt (about 30g to 50g) for about 180 to 200 liters of hot water.

If you like, you can also add a few bottles of Palo Santo to your bath with rock salt.

After use, please wash it lightly with water and dry it in the shade.

please note:

Babies can also take a bath, but if your child has sensitive skin or allergies, please check carefully before using.
Please turn off the circulation function when using 24-hour baths or circulation baths.
Reheating the heat may damage the bathtub.
After bathing, drain the hot water and rinse.
Cannot be used with stainless steel or enamel bathtubs.
Please refrain from using it for washing in a washing machine.
Please avoid moisture and store at room temperature.

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