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Incense LESS IS MORE by Nez reflet

Incense LESS IS MORE by Nez reflet

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Less is more... A German architect who was active in the 20th century left behind these words. We believe that by pursuing simple design, beautiful and rich things can be created. I want to overturn the idea that incense is old-fashioned or Japanese-style. Good things are good. By intentionally narrowing down the design to a minimal design, we were able to focus on the fragrance. Why not experience a moment of bliss?

・001 sweet
A sweet and deep fragrance similar to osmanthus

・002 forest
A refreshing forest-like scent

・003 night
A scent that will help you relax by yourself late at night

・004 fantasy
Relaxing scent with a refreshing sweetness

Set contents: 40 incense sticks
Size: Package ( W94 x D40 x H25mm)
Burning time: Approximately 15 minutes (varies depending on usage environment)

Brand: Nez reflet
"Nez" means perfumer/nose in French, and "reflet" means radiance. Delivering new scents to the future while inheriting traditional scents. The space (scent) created with a unique sensibility heals the mind and body and brightens up your days. We would be happy if we could be involved in your life even just a little bit with our scents and thoughts. With that feeling in mind. "

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