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Incense CALME by Nez reflet

Incense CALME by Nez reflet

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Calm Incense Calm...means ``calmness and healing'' in French, and we create products that are suitable for 30 minutes of relaxing time at home or while traveling. INCENSE Paper tube type makes it easy to carry.

・la vie rubis
Ruby colored life: A refreshing sweet scent

Bizo: An oriental scent like a small kiss.

Set contents: Approximately 40 20g incense sticks
Size: π27×H150mm
Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes (varies depending on usage environment)

Brand: Nez reflet

"Nez" means perfumer/nose in French, and "reflet" means radiance. Delivering new scents to the future while inheriting traditional scents. The space (scent) created with a unique sensibility heals the mind and body and brightens up your days. We would be happy if we could be involved in your life even just a little bit with our scents and thoughts. With that feeling in mind. "

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